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We are Lagom

In an age of constant change, we bring you True Workforce Dexterity.

Lagom will uncover your employment value propositions and create an employment brand that Lagom’s unique RPO and Staffing solution scales with your hiring needs, mitigating the risks associated with fixed talent acquisition models and saving you money versus third-party agencies. Our multichannel recruitment approach combines industry expertise with data-driven analytics to deliver next-generation talent acquisition solutions. We transform traditional, reactive talent acquisition approaches into progressive, proactive systems delivering talent on-demand.


RPO firm “Lagom has a human-centric focus, with a mission to “connect the right people to the right job at the right time.”


The recent coronavirus pandemic has flipped the labor market on its head. For industries that sharply increased their hiring volume because of the coronavirus, speeding the hiring process is vital to meet the sudden increased demand for jobs. An RPO Partner like Lagom can help accelerate your hiring. Improve the speed of hiring: Access top Talent, Increase acceptance rate, hire high quality talent faster and reduce costs and resources.